About us

“Tuva Travel” is the first inbound tour operator of Tuva included in the list of the tour operators of Russiatourism. Our team consists of passionate & responsible members who are the experts of local tourism with experience of almost 20 years.

We provide travel services organizing different kind of tours & tailor made journeys throughout our Republic. Our team is made of dedicated to their job and experienced tour guides who are extensively knowledgeable about tuvan culture, nature and history. Our guides will do their utmost to ensure everything on the tour is set and in order. They speak at least 3-4 languages, some of them even more, so, if you are a group and you’d like to have a guide-interpreter speaking your native language then you can mention it in your e-mail and we’ll find you the right person in our team.

Our company’s tours are focused on the greatest respect for the lands we travel through and the local communities we meet. We make sure that our activity doesn’t harm the environment, so the reservation and protection of the ecosystems and cultures we visit is our first goal. While travelling we always support the local communities by involving them to be part of the business where the locals are the main service and goods providers so, within our tours we always collaborate with the local nomadic families and communities. Our clients are engaged in nomad’s daily life as they can interact with the herders during the workshops of making dairy products, milking animals, even making tuvan traditional milk alcohol or learning tuvan music and throat singing.

Almost 20 years of work in the field of tourism are the main prove of our leadership in the local tourism market. Our passion for our work has no bounds, we really enjoy what we do excessively.

We are really happy to share our homeland’s treasures through experiencing its unique culture and old traditions, enjoying its virgin nature and breathtaking diversity of landscapes.