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  • Duration: 6 days/5 nights
  • Tour dates: mid-June – mid-August
  • Group size: 2 – 20
  • Age limit: 18 years and up
  • This tour does not require any special physical training
Tour information

Tozhu – a distant, mysterious, and picturesque region of high mountains, taiga, and tundra. It beckons both locals and tourists, visitors, scholars, natural scientists, archaeologists and others from the whole world with its intriguing beauty. The Tuvan people have a saying: “One who has never been to Tozhu, has never been to Tuva.”

Tozhu is one of the largest kozhuuns (districts) of Tuva, but is one of the least populated. The inhabitants of Tozhu are an indigenous people who maintain their traditional way of nature-use in their fishing, hunting, forestry, woodworking, and of course, reindeer-herding. The reindeer of Tozhu are the largest of their kind in the world, and also the southernmost example of their species. Many different species of animals live alongside the reindeer, including very common animals as well as endangered species, which have been written into the Red Book of Russia. It’s not an accident that one of Tuva’s two state nature preserves is located here, the Azas preserve, which occupies a great territory filled with unique natural landscapes, lakes, and rivers. One of these lakes, Azas, is called the pearl of Tuva. It is a gorgeous lake, which blooms every July with rare white water-lilies. The lake is 20 km long and 5 km wide, with inflow and outflow that ensure the purity of the lake. It has nine islands, on the smallest of which grow endangered plant species. The ladies’-slipper orchid blooms there only once every 16 years. The lakes and rivers are rich with fish: pike, perch, whitefish, and the luckiest can catch taimen – the largest predatory fish of Siberia’s rivers, which hunts not only for fish but small rodents that fall into the river. Many of the largest rivers of Tuva are located in Tozhu.

Not everyone knows that there are 16 dormant volcanoes in Tuva, the highest of which is Shevit, more than 2700 meters in height. Tozhu is known for its springs, with a large number of mineral and thermal springs. The best known spring is called Choigan.







Kyzyl – Aldyn-Bulak yurt complex


Yurts (double)


Kyzyl – The Azas lake


Wooden houses (Twin)


 Azas lake


Wooden houses (Twin)


 Azas lake –  Nogaan Khol lake


Wooden houses (Twin)


 Azas lake – Aldyn-Bulak


Yurts (Double)


Aldyn-Bulak – Kyzyl



B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner;

n\a – no accommodation

Detailed itinerary
The * means that the indicated service is for an extra fee.

Day 1.Aldyn-Bulak yurt complex

Our guide will meet you at the airport of Kyzyl. You will visit the Tuvan National Museum the highlight of which is the exposition of golden items from the ancient Scythian burial site “Arzhaan – 2” (VII B.C.) discovered on the territory of Tuva in 2001. We will also visit a shamanic clinic where you can see real Tuvan shamans at their work. Lunch in restaurant of Kyzyl. After this we will take a walk through Kyzyl to see some of the town’s principal sights: The Centre of Asia sculpture complex, the Buddhist temple “Tsechenlig” (“compassion” in Tibetan). We will then go back into town to the Centre of Traditional Tuvan culture. Many elements, expressions and representations of Tuvan culture are concentrated in this center: Tuvan National Orchestra, throat singers’ groups, artisans and great masters of traditional Tuvan instruments. Drive to Aldyn-Bulak yurt complex. Dinner and accommodation in suite yurts. Special folk performance with the best Tuvan Khoomey singers and dancers will be organized for you during dinner. *After dinner the most powerful Tuvan shaman will pray the spirits. He will make a huge fire and offer white food and drinks to the spirits, he will play his drum and burn sacred juniper during the ritual.

Day 2.Azas lake

We will pick you up from the yurt complex and then we will drive to the Toju region, Azas lake. Toju is one of the largest and least populated regions of Tuva. Its territory is about 40 thousand square kilometers including 6 settlements with the population less than 7 thousand people. Traditional types of nature use are preserved: reindeer herding, cattle breeding, fishing, hunting, forestry and logging. Upon arrival you will have dinner. After dinner there will be some free time, so you can have walk to the lake or have banya. Accommodation in the tourist camp “Azas”.

Day 3.Azas lake

Lake Azas is partially makes part of the Azas reservation in the central area of Todzhinskaya Hollow. Not only fish but also birds of different species recorded in the Red Book live in the lake. The neighboring plants are mainly presented by birch and larch and pine forests with herb stratum. Its banks are abundant in blueberry, cowberry, cranberry and wild strawberry. The lake also has a rich history. In 60s early man sites dating back to 7-5 millennium B.C. were discovered in its suburbs.
Lake Azas is the only lake where white water lilies grow.
After breakfast you will rest and relax surrounded by the beautiful nature of this unique place. It’s a chance to try your hand as a fisherman as the lake is rich in pike, cisco, perch and taimen. Fish barbecue for lunch. Accommodation and dinner at the tour camp “Azas”.

Day 4.Nogaan Khol lake

After breakfast we will walk to Nogaan-Khol lake (Green Lake) which is one of the numerous radon springs of Tuva. Nogaan-Khol lake is situated in 3 km from Azas lake. Its waters contain dissolved copper salt which makes the lake green colored. The lake’s mud is known for its medical properties. Local people use it to cure the joint diseases. You can have mud bath and enjoy the fresh air and picturesque scenery of the spring water “Nogaan-Khol”. Lunch at the lake – fish barbecue. Dinner and accommodation at “Azas” tourist camp.

Day 5.Aldyn-Bulak

Breakfast and drive to Kyzyl. Lunch on the way back. Dinner at a local restaurant. Accommodation in hotel.

Day 6.Kyzyl

Breakfast and drive to Kyzyl airport.


The price of the tour is:

2 PAX – 1199 Euros per person

4 PAX – 1099 Euros per person

6+1 PAX – 899 Euros per person

10+1 PAX – 799 Euros per person

14+1 PAX – 699 Euros per person




Accommodation (as in the itinerary) in Tuva during the tour;

Transfer in Tuva during the tour;

Full board (principal meals during the tour). Please note that the breakfast of the day 1 as well as the lunch and dinner of the last day are not included. During the meals drinks except tea and coffee like fruit juice, coca-cola, soda, alcohol drinks etc. are not included in the price of the tour. Kindly inform in advance regarding your meal preferences (vegetarians, allergies, etc.);

1 liter of bottled mineral water per a day;

Excursions mentioned in the program;

1 folk performance of tuvan (xoomeizhi) throat singers;

1 ritual with a shaman

Service of the guide-interpreter and a driver according to the program of the tour.


Airplane/train tickets;

Visa procedures and costs (consultation could be provided);

Drinks and water during the tour except the ones mentioned in the program;

Personal expenses and tips;

Individual throat-singing workshops;

Horse rental;

Reindeer rental.

Single accommodation is possible for an extra payment: 90 Euros per person.

Additional information

Situation: Central Asia and Southern Siberia

Time zone: GMT +7 (summer)

Currency: Russian ruble

Climate and clothing: continental climate (summer max: +30 to +40ºC, winter max: -25ºC to -45ºC). Please note that the mountain temperature is usually lower than in the rest of Tuva. Therefore, it is advised to take two different types of clothes and shoes: for hot summer days as well as for rainy and cold days. Please note that we cannot be responsible for bad weather conditions.

What else you could need: mosquito repellents, basic pharmacy and medications if you are taking any, umbrella. People with special conditions: Please advise us in advance if you have any special condition such as, for example, diabetes, blood tension, and so on.

Electricity: 220V, 50 HZ

Tour map