Зов 13 шаманов

The call of 13 shamans is an international ethnic festival which is one of the most authentic and extraordinary ones in Russia. The original identity of cultures intertwined with the secret shamanic practices will open you the mysterious world of the spirits and the gods. The festival takes place in the Republic of Tuva, in the heart of Asia, in the center of the World shamanism where the virgin nature and the places of power are preserved.

From June, 26th to June 30th during the great cosmic cycle the most powerful 13 shamans of the planet will unit in the center of Asia. They will call the spirits of 9 worlds while having shamanic mysteries and rituals during several days. The joint spiritual practices aim to purify the Mother-Earth and for universal prosperity.

Everyone will be able to participate the festival, to get acquainted with the mysterious knowledge or private sessions. Experienced shamans will help you to reach your full potential, they will teach you to live in harmony with your inner world getting the energy from the spirit-world.

The festival is intended to preserve the ethno cultural heritage of Russia where shamanism is one of the most ancient belief system and spiritual practice. The shamans from all over the world will come to the festival to share their wisdom and experience with the other shamans, to unit their power in the name of Peace, Prosperity and Harmony in the world.

Tuva is the crossroad of civilizations and cultures, the cradle of ancient Scythians and Turkic tribes, a place where the unique knowledge and spiritual vision of nomads is carefully passed down through the generations.

The founder and organizer of the Ethnic festival is a hereditary shaman and a throat singer Nicolai Oorzhak is inviting you to explore untouched beauty of Tuvan nature, culture and religion.