The Dembildei Competition was begun by the legendary Tuvan performer and teacher Kongar-ool Ondar in celebration of his 40th birthday in 2002. Since then it has taken place five times, and winning the Dembildei competition is to considered to be the highest honor for a Tuvan musician. Kongar-ool Ondar was a tireless promoter of Tuvan cultural and served as Tuva’s ambassador to the world over his long musical career. He was the founder of the Tuvan Cultural Center and the childrens’ competiton Saradak, competitions founded for the purpose of popularizing and educating Tuvan music for the Tuvan people. The Dembildei competition is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the Mayor’s Office of Kyzyl and the Tuvan Cultural Center as a way of supporting new groups and performers of throat singing as well as the creative mastery of craftsman and artists, with the purpose of fortifying interregional and international connections.