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  • Duration: 7 days/6 nights
  • Tour dates: June, 26th, 2018 – July, 1th, 2018
  • Group size: 6 – 20
  • Age limit: 18 years and up
  • This tour does not require any special physical training
Tour information

Tuva may be far from any sea or ocean but it is irrigated by many rivers and tributaries. The lakes of Tuva occupy a very special place in this landscape. If you ask Tuvans about one of those lakes they will tell you a myth or a legend behind every lake and will tell you who its master spirit (spirit of nature) is. Most of the lakes of Tuva, being situated close to spring waters and due to the special conditions of the soil and climate have acquired medicinal properties discovered long ago by the population and ever since people go to the lakes to wild camping or to stay at one of the resorts. This tour will help you discover some of the lakes of Tuva, along with the main elements of traditional Tuvan culture

This tour will help you discover some of the lakes of Tuva, along with the main elements of traditional Tuvan culture.

Ubsu Nuur Hollow is a unique place in the Southern Tuva. It’s situated on the border with Mongolia and surrounded by mountains. The world’s most northern desert meets the world’s most southern tundra zone here; the basin is called a small model of the world as it combines different ecosystems and represents a wonderful variety of landscapes.

Day Itinerary Meals Accommodation
1 Kyzyl – Dus-Khol B+L+D Wooden houses (Twin and TRPL)
2 Dus-Khol – Chagytay B+L+D Wooden houses (QDPL)
3 Chagytay B+L+D Wooden houses (QDPL)
4 Chagytay – Erzin, Tore-Khol B+L+D Wooden houses (QDPL)
5 Tore-Khol B+L+D Wooden houses (QDPL)
6 Tore-Khol – Aldyn-Bulak B+L+D Yurts (7)
7 Aldyn-Bulak – Kyzyl B n/a


B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner;

n\a – no accommodation

Detailed itinerary
The * means that the indicated service is for an extra fee.

Day 1.Dus-Khol

After breakfast we will drive to the Dus-Xol (Salt Lake) in 45 km south of Kyzyl. The lake itself is not very big nor very deep. Its peculiarity is its incredibly high concentration of salt and the artemias – little red organisms whose role is essential- they cleanse the water. The lake is visited by many people from Tuva and abroad who value the medicinal properties of the lake water and mud. You will be accommodated in “Dus-Xol” resort. Lunch and dinner will be served in a yurt of the resort. Free time.

Day 2.Chagytay

After breakfast we will drive to Chagytai Lake (50km from Dus-Khol lake). This lake is known to be the biggest and the deepest fresh water lake of the Tuvan basin situated at 1003 meters above the sea level. The lake has fish such as ide, pike, bream and carp. Accommodation and meals at tourist camp on the bank of the lake. Bonfire and throat singing performance in the evening.

Day 3.Chagytay

After breakfast at Chagytay we will go to excursion to “Durgen” canyon which is in 18 km from the lake. The canyon and the cascade are situated in a picturesque place surrounded by taïga and forests. This is one of the most beautiful sports of the Tannu-Ola ridge. There is also an option to stay at the lake and have private sessions with the shaman. Back to the camp. After lunch a shaman will carry out the ritual around the fire communicating with the spirits of the Lake and praying for their blessings. Dinner and accommodation at Chagytay.

Day 4.Erzin, Tore-Khol

Breakfast and drive to the South of Tuva, to Erzin region which borders with Mongolia. On the way we will visit Teve-Khaya Mountain (the Camel Mountain), where we will have a picnic for lunch. On the way to the Tore-Khol Lake we will see one of nine protected areas of the “Ubsunur Hollow” State nature biosphere reserve “Tsugeer Els” sand dunes. Dinner and accommodation at Tore-Khol lake.

Day 5.Tore-Khol

Breakfast and drive to the Kezhege Mountain. After the excursion to the mountain we will visit Tuvan nomads who breed tuvan Bactrian. You will have a chance to see and take a photo of camels which remain exotic even for locals; you can even rent a camel and ride it. One more adventure of this day is the drive to Yamaalyg which also makes part of nine clusters of the “Ubsunur Hollow”. This unique place will meet you with ancient barrows of Scythian, Hunn-Sarmats and Turkic tribes (about 300 barrows), as well as Prehistoric rock painting of the Bronze Age representing various animals. Picnic for lunch. After lunch we will go to see salty lakes situated on the territory of the cluster. Drive back to Tore-Khol Lake. Swimming and enjoying the purest water of the lake. Dinner and accommodation at Tore-Khol Lake.

Day 6.Aldyn-Bulak

Breakfast and drive to the yurt complex ‘Aldyn-Bulak’ (45 km from Kyzyl). Dinner at the restaurant of the complex. During dinner you will enjoy the best Tuvan throat singer’s performance. Accommodation in economy-class yurts (7 persons per a yurt). After the dinner a tuvan shaman will make a ritual offering white food and drinks to the spirits, feeding them through the smoke of the fire. End of program.


The price of the tour:  1250 Euros per 1 person



Border area visiting permit;

1 ritual with a shaman;

1 private folk group concert;

Accommodation as (in the itinerary) in Tuva during the tour;

Transfer in Kyzyl and in Tuva during the tour;

Full board (principal meals during the tour). Please note that the breakfast of the day 1 as well as the lunch and dinner of the last day are not included. During the meals drinks except tea and coffee like fruit juice, coca-cola, soda, alcohol drinks etc. are not included in the price of the tour. Kindly inform in advance regarding your meal preferences (vegetarians, allergies, etc.);

Professional cook’s team will work for the whole trip.

1 liter of bottled mineral water per a day;

Museum fees;

Excursions mentioned in the program;

Group throat-singing workshops;

Service of the guide-interpreter and a driver according to the program of the tour.



Airplane/train tickets;

Visa procedures and costs (consultation could be provided);

Drinks and water during the tour except the ones mentioned in the program;

Personal expenses and tips;

Individual throat-singing workshops;

Private sessions with a shaman;

Horse rental;

Camel rental.


Single accommodation is possible for an extra payment.

Additional information

 Visiting the border areas with Mongolia requires a special permit. The tour operator must apply for this permit for the tourists 60 days before the tour starts.


Situation: Central Asia and Southern Siberia

Time zone: GMT +7 (summer)

Currency: Russian ruble

Climate and clothing: continental climate (summer max: +30 to +40ºC, winter max: -25ºC to -45ºC). Please note that the mountain temperature is usually lower than in the rest of Tuva. Therefore, it is advised to take two different types of clothes and shoes: for hot summer days as well as for rainy and cold days. Please note that we cannot be responsible for bad weather conditions.

What else you could need: mosquito repellents, basic pharmacy and medications if you are taking any, umbrella. People with special conditions: Please advise us in advance if you have any special condition such as, for example, diabetes, blood tension, and so on.

Electricity: 220V, 50 HZ

Tour map