Nomadic Tuva

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  • Duration: 18 days/17 nights
  • Tour dates: Mid-September – Mid-November; March
  • Group size: 2 – 6
  • Age limit: 18 – 60
  • Total driving distance: ?
  • This tour does not require any special physical training
Tour information

On this tour you will explore untouched Tuva, so virgin and majestic, with its reindeer herders and camel breeders, stocks of thousands of sheep and herds of yaks and horses.  

You will visit inhabitants of Toju, an indigenous people who maintain their traditional way of nature-use in their fishing, hunting, forestry, woodworking, and of course, reindeer-herding. The reindeer of Tozhu are the largest of their kind in the world, and also the southernmost example of their species. They are the relatives of Tsaatan’s in Mongolia, originated from Tuvan Toju people. There is nothing more exciting than riding a reindeer in the forest, on the top of the mountains following the local hunters and their specially trained hunter dog… Western Tuva where the highest pic of Tuva Mongun-Taiga will open you the secrets of yak breeding; sandy dunes of the Gobi Desert in the Sothern Tuva will meet you with its camel herders. Different parts of Tuva with totally different landscapes, life and habits.

Day Itinerary Meals Accommodation
1 Kyzyl  L+D Hotel (Single)
2 Kyzyl – Toora-Khem village B+L+D Hotel (Single)
3 Toora-Khem – Reindeer breeder’s camp B+L+D Tent or wooden hut
4  Reindeer breeder’s camp B+L+D Tent or wooden hut
5   Reindeer breeder’s camp B+L+D Tent or wooden hut
6  Reindeer breeder’s camp B+L+D Tent or wooden hut
7 Reindeer breeder’s camp – Toora-Khem B+L+D Hotel (Single)
8  Toora-Khem – Kyzyl B+L+D Hotel (Single)
9 Kyzyl – Erzin B+L+D Yurt (Family stay)
10 Erzin B+L+D Yurt (Family stay)
11 Erzin B+L+D Hotel (Single)
12 Erzin – Khandagaity, Ovur region B+L+D  
13 Khandagaity – Mongun-Taiga B+L+D Yurts (Family stay)
14   Mongun-Taiga  B+L+D Yurt (Family stay)
15  Mongun-Taiga B+L+D  Yurt (Family stay)
16 Mongun-Taiga – Aldyn-Bulak B+L+D Yurt (Single)
17  Aldyn-Bulak B+L+D Yurt (Single)
18 Aldyn-Bulak – Kyzyl B n/a


B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner;

Detailed itinerary
The * means that the indicated service is for an extra fee.

Day 1.Kyzyl

Our guide will meet you at the airport of Kyzyl. You will visit the Tuvan National Museum the highlight of which is the exposition of golden items from the ancient Scythian burial site “Arzhaan – 2” (VII B.C.) discovered on the territory of Tuva in 2001. We will also visit a shamanic clinic where you can see real Tuvan shamans at their work. Lunch in restaurant of Kyzyl. After this we will take a walk through Kyzyl to see some of the town’s principal sights: The Centre of Asia sculpture complex, the Buddhist temple “Tsechenlig” (“compassion” in Tibetan). We will then go back into town to the Centre of Traditional Tuvan culture. Many elements, expressions and representations of Tuvan culture are concentrated in this center: Tuvan National Orchestra, throat singers’ groups, artisans and great masters of traditional Tuvan instruments.

Day 2.Toora-Khem village

Early breakfast and drive to the capital of Toju region, Toora-Khem village. We will be driving the whole day, but breathtaking views on the way will be your bonus of today: we will pass high mountain passes with Ovaas and enjoy mountainous landscapes. Lunch on the road café. Dinner and accommodation in hotel of Toora-Khem.

Day 3.Reindeer breeder’s camp

Early in the morning we will head for the reindeer herder’s encampment. The drive will take the whole day. We will ride a snow bike from the halfway as the car cannot reach the camp. Before leaving on snow bikes we will have lunch. Dinner and accommodation at the herder’s hut.

Day 4.Reindeer breeder’s camp

After breakfast we will ride reindeer or snow bike, depending on your weight (only up to 50 kg are allowed to ride the reindeer) and head for the next herder’s camp. Lunch on the way. Dinner and accommodation upon arrival at the herder’s camp.

Day 5.Reindeer breeder’s camp

This day we will enjoy the purest and freshest air you have ever breathed in, admire the whitest snow and the wonderful nature of the place. We can follow the hunters with their dog: this will be an exceptional possibility to experience the authentic tuvan nomad’s hunt with their dog. Tuvan reindeer hunter’s dogs are very smart, they are considered as excellent hunters and the right hands of their masters. You can also join the herders fishing and try to catch a fish yourself. These days you will have very natural and authentic meals, fresh caught and cooked immediately.

Day 6.Reindeer breeder’s camp

Way back to the first camp. Dinner and accommodation there.

Day 7.Toora-Khem

Way back to Toora-Khem village. Dinner and accommodation in hotel.

Day 8.Kyzyl

Breakfast and drive back to Kyzyl. Lunch in the road café. Dinner and accommodation in hotel.

Day 9.Erzin

Early breakfast and drive the Southern Tuva, to Erzin region of Tuva, to our last nomadic camp – this time we will visit a nomadic family with camel. We will enter the territory of Ubsu Nuur Hollow biosphere reserve. It is a unique place situated on the border with Mongolia and surrounded by mountains. The world’s most northern desert meets the world’s most southern tundra zone here; the basin is called a small model of the world as it combines different ecosystems and represents a wonderful variety of landscapes. On the way we will visit Teve-Khaya Mountain (the Camel Mountain), where we will have a picnic for lunch.

Day 10.Erzin

This day we will spend at the camp and become camel herders for one day, trying to ride camel, to take photos and exploring so many interesting and new things for us. Full board, accommodation in nomadic camp or in hotel of Erzin, according to your demand.

Day 11.Erzin

Today we will visit one of the most sacred places of Tuva Mountain Kezhege. This mountain is situated not far from the boundary with Mongolia. Kezhege is a one of the strongest spiritual places of Tuva. The mountain has a shape of a ring, which looks like man’s braid called “kezhege” in tuvan language. There is a stream in the center of the ring. Several stone altars are used to make fire and feeding the spirits of the Mountain during special rituals. Picnic for lunch. Accommodation in hotel of Erzin village.

Day 12.Khandagaity, Ovur region

We will head Khandagaity village which is located in the border with Mongolia. The drive will be long but very exciting as we will pass by ancient burial mounds left by Turcic and Kyrgyz tribes. On the right side of the road we will see Tandy-Uula Mountain chain, endless steppes of Mongolia on the left side, we will also pass by Uvs-Nuur lake, small part of which is located on the territory of Tuva. Lunch and dinner will be on the way. Accommodation in hotel in Khandagaity.

Day 13.Mongun-Taiga

Breakfast and drive to Mongun-Taiga region, to another remote region of Tuva which borders with Altai. This region is famous for its nomads breeding not only sheep, goats, cows and horses, but also yaks. Upon arrival we will have tuvan traditional food and drinks, we will enjoy tuvan nomadic hospitality and sleep in the yurt.

Day 14, 15.Mongun-Taiga

These days we will explore tuvan nomadic life style, we can follow the yak herders or shepherds, to help with milking the yaks and making delicious dairy products and milk alcohol, hiking to the mountains or ride horses – there are so many activities you can be busy with during these two days. Tuvan nomads are very busy with the sunrise and they work until late night.

Day 16.Aldyn-Bulak

Drive to Aldyn-Bulak yurt complex, which is located in 45 km from Kyzyl. Our long trip is close to its finish; we are driving towards Kyzyl. Lunch and dinner on the way to Aldyn-Bulak. Accommodation in yurt.

Day 17.Aldyn-Bulak

Relaxation and rest day. Full board, meals in the restaurant of Aldyn-Bulak yurt complex. Special folk performance with the best Tuvan Khoomey singers and dancers will be organized for you during dinner. After dinner the most powerful Tuvan shaman will pray the spirits for good luck during your hunt. He will make a huge fire and offer white food and drinks to the spirits, he will play his drum and burn sacred juniper during the ritual. Accommodation in yurt.

Day 18.Kyzyl

Breakfast and drive to the airport of Kyzyl. End of program.


2 PAX – 3999 EUROS per person

4 PAX – 3799 EUROS per person

6 PAX – 3400 EUROS per person



Invitation letter;

Ritual with a shaman as in the program;

Private folk concert as in the program;

Accommodation as (in the itinerary) in Tuva during the tour;

Transfer in Kyzyl and in Tuva during the tour;

Full board (principal meals during the tour). Please note that the breakfast of the day 1 as well as the lunch and dinner of the last day are not included. During the meals drinks except tea and coffee like fruit juice, coca-cola, soda, alcohol drinks etc. are not included in the price of the tour. Kindly inform in advance regarding your meal preferences (vegetarians, allergies, etc.);

1 liters of bottled mineral water during transfers;

All entrance fees;

Excursions mentioned in the program;

Service of the guide-interpreter and a driver according to the program of the tour.



Airplane/train tickets;

Visa procedures and costs (consultation could be provided);

Travel and medical insurance;

Drinks and water during the tour except the ones mentioned in the program;

Personal expenses and tips;

Horse rental;

Camel rental.


Single accommodation is possible for an extra payment.

Additional information

Visiting the border areas with Mongolia requires a special permit. The tour operator must apply for this permit for the tourists 60 days before the tour starts.


Situation: Central Asia and Southern Siberia

Time zone: GMT +7 (summer)

Currency: Russian ruble

Climate and clothing: continental climate (summer max: +30 to +40ºC, winter max: -25ºC to -45ºC). Please note that the mountain temperature is usually lower than in the rest of Tuva. Therefore, it is advised to take two different types of clothes and shoes: for hot summer days as well as for rainy and cold days. Please note that we cannot be responsible for bad weather conditions.

What else you could need: mosquito repellents, basic pharmacy and medications if you are taking any, umbrella. People with special conditions: Please advise us in advance if you have any special condition such as, for example, diabetes, blood tension, and so on.

Electricity: 220V, 50 HZ

Tour map